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Spiritual Workshops

Elder Futhark Runes Series

Celtic Tree Ogham Series

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Class Dates

Elder Futhark Runes


#1-Surface Workshop: 9:00am -12:30pm

   Class one: June 7, 2020 Sunday Morning

   Class two: July 26, 2020 Sunday Morning

   Class three: August 22, 2020 Saturday Morning

#2 -Deep Dive Workshop - Saturday Mornings 9:00am -12:30pm

   Class one: June 20 or June 27, 2020  (choose one date)

   Class two: July 15 (Wednesday) or July 18, 2020 (choose one)

   Class three: August 15, 2020

Celtic Tree Ogham

  Workshop is held in 5 classes every 3 consecutive weeks

#1-Sacred Grove Workshop: Dates to follow

Ales Stones
Black Ink Drops
Black Ink Drops
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