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Spiritual Art Circles

Please join me in these intuitive and enlightening art circles to connect in a new way to spirit and your higher self while sharing the process of art together!     Enlightening and Fun!

Each Spiritual Art Circle includes a Magical Visualization Journey!


The Calming Energy of the Trees!


Tree Mandala:  In this circle, you will create your own personal Mandala and a Mantra, to express your connection to the World and Wisdom of the Tree.  

Using colored pencils on black paper, you will begin with a center crystal that deeply expresses you and your inner “seed” of the trees.   Then experience the outward flow of energy as you move and grow with the trees into the ever-expanding cycle of life. 

As you build your Mandala, so will a special Mantra become clear to you that you can use to continue this deep connection created by you and your Higher Self every time you look at your Mandala.   Then we will take a visualization journey to connect to the natural growth energy of the trees!

Class Cost: $35.00       Supplies Fee: $20.00      Time: 3.5 Hours


Crystal Tree Sculpture – We will connect to the spirit of the Autumn Equinox through the magic of the tree.   You will sculpt a magical tree out of wires of gold, silver and copper.   Then add the autumn colors of the leaves with crystal chips of all the shades of the season.   Add a mystical Full Moon, nestled in the branches along with a crow or two!

We will then experience and connect to this tree and the Moon through a crisp and clear autumn visualization journey!

Class Cost - $35.00       Materials Fee:  $35.00          Time: 3 hours

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