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Two of Wands and Runes

Runes, Raidho and Ansuz (mirror image)

A hooded Vitki, a sorcerer and magician, reads two runes glowing on a piece of leather. His eyes are covered by a cloth, a ring of amulets and charms around his neck, his pouch of magical tools on his belt. He holds a piece of leather tightly with his wand… which holds claws and a raven’s foot… his connection to his helping spirit ally.

One wand is before him… the other behind… he has made a choice which to use for his intention and questions for guidance. His energy flows through him into the leather to illuminate the runes that have appeared to bring him what he seeks.

Raidho, the rune of Journeys… travel both in the physical and non-physical worlds… weaving of your life… and Ansuz, Odin’s Rune of Knowledge… but in its mirror image. The knowledge he seeks is not to be found in a usual perspective… what he seeks is in the reflection of the knowledge. Deep thought and contemplation is needed… follow the information the path provides, into the future, test what possibilities are waiting for you to make the right decision and weave or loosens the threads of fate.

Takk Fyrir!

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