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Three of Wands and Rune

Rune Tiewaz

Three hooded figures, staff in hands, watch a “Drakkar” a Viking longship, named after the Nordic term for dragon, “dreki”. The dragon carved on its bow, warning and causing terror in all who see them coming… foretelling of their fierceness.

They watch as the ship, oars propelling them into the morning dawn and the endless expanse of the unknown… the open sea. We can see the third figure is not watching the beginning voyage… concern on his face. He looks in contemplation to the land. Are all not in agreement? Is this third watcher not totally committed to the endeavor? Will this adventure be fruitful and manifest what they planned or turn to chaos?

The journey is honored by the Rune, Tiewaz, which glows in the sky, pointing the way. The Rune of the Spiritual Warrior… willing to sacrifice for those who they hold dear… for their beliefs… for their path and goals to victory. This rune is a Bind rune of the arrow point, Kenaz… the torch, the north star… Aegir, God of the deep sea… called to watch over and protect the voyage, and the staff, Isa, the rune of the hermit… one ship alone, following a path with curiosity and adventure.

Takk Fyrir!

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