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Six of Wands and Rune

Rune Gifu & partnership Bind Runes

A strong warrior raises a staff upon which a tattered banner flies high above him, his voice calling out loud and strong in victory and joy… the banner represents Wunjo, the rune of joy… his claim of sovereignty in this endeavor.

Standing stones protect him in the deep ravine… the stone on his left carved with the face of Thor, warrior god of thunder, lightning and protection. The stone on his right is carved with the serpent and powerful words in runes to remember this day of victory. Six warriors above in the rocks answer his cheers… WUNJO!

A Bind rune glows in the sky as the sun breaks through the clouds… these runes worked together… Gifu… the rune of partnerships… Isa… the rune of self…. Two Kenaz… the rune of the torch and creativity… Sowilo reversed… the rune of the sun… successfully completing your task and goals together, overcoming the hardships… enjoy the moment!

Interesting that this rune is also one of the 18 Armanen Runes… an Odinic rune discovered in 1906 by Guido von List, going deeper into one's esoteric nature thru these runes. This symbol connects and mirrors Gifu, but on a deeper level… was your success built on the good side?… what has survived of his banner shows the white and the black… more white surviving.

Takk Fyrir!

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