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Runes Gifu & Ehwaz and Tarot Card The Lovers Partnership

The Lovers and the Gifu & Ehwaz Runes...

Meaning: Bragi, Aesir god of Poetry... Galdr... sits in a grove of ancient apple trees... his words written on tablets in runes at his side, a lute on the other side ready to share them. He is deeply in trance full of the depths of love and emotions words & music express. Idunn, goddess of the apple tree & youth, wife of Bragi, holds a golden apple in one hand, in balance with the knowledge the apple tree offers us on this earthly plain... she points above and looks below to Bragi... connecting these energies, magic within his wordsongs.

The Runes for this card are Gifu, gifts, equal partnerships as gifts and Ehwaz, rune of deep connection, loyalty and harmony with another or what you connect deeply with.

My Personal Thoughts! Gifu to me is a special place... cavetime.... equal partnership of the four... you, your higher self and two spirit guides.... working deeply together as one... and Ehwaz, is the rune of your higher self... keeping your heart clear and strong... doing the needed "flush" to purge what no longer serves you.

Takk Fyrir!

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