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Runes Ansuz and The Death Tarot Card Partnership

Death & Ansuz Rune...

Finally, Odin... I was wondering which Tarot he would appear on! I also attached a favorite pic of Odin!

Meaning: Odin, The All Father, one eye glowing red, the other was sacrificed to Mimir for Knowledge... stands at the gateway to Valhalla, his hall for warriors killed in battle. Warriors can be seen behind him, celebrating and telling tales of valor. He lifts his spear, Gungnir, as he walks out into the destruction after a battle, of bones and skulls to collect those souls who are worthy. His two wolf companions, Geri and Freki are at his side, along with a host of crows and ravens, including his two Ravens, Hugin and Muninn, "thought and memory" who bring knowing and information to Odin along with their skill as psychopomps.

The Rune Ansuz, means communication, the computer rune, transition though the knowledge learned, divine forces at work.

My Personal Thoughts! Ansuz, to me, is the Rune of Whispers... messages, guidance and insights in the silence, on the wind, in the rustle of the leaves...

Takk Fyrir!

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