Runes Algiz and Othila and The Moon Tarot Card Partnership

The Moon & Algiz & Othila Runes...


Under a lunar eclipse, Höðr, in the shadow, struggles with his brother, Baldr, in the light, in the eternal struggle of survival. Sons of Odin & Frigg, Baldr is all that is good. Frigg's love for him is so great she asks everything of the world to not harm him, all agree. Höðr, his blind brother, is ultimately tricked and guided by Loki into shooting a mistletoe arrow (the one being Frigg forgot to ask) which will slay the otherwise invulnerable Baldr.

Mani, the god of the moon, is eternally chased across the sky by the wolf, Hati, who will eventually swallow the moon at Ragnarök.

Time to break free of the past habits, release illusion, deep introspection.

The Rune Algiz, means protection, follow your life path, growth opportunities. Othila is the rune of ancestors, inherited skills, home and hearth.

My Personal Thoughts! Algiz, to me is the rune of the hidden path, only you know the way, protection when you stay true to your path. Othila, is the Rune of Mediumship & Remembering.

Takk Fyrir!

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