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Rune Wunjo and The Strength Tarot Card Partnership

Strength and Wunjo Rune...

When I first saw this card, I felt tears and deep swelling in my heart... this is my Tarot card... never felt connected to the Lion but looking at this card I finally released... this is me! Wunjo! Perfect this pairing with Wunjo... the rune of Joy... this rune is used in celebration... shout it out with zest and cheer! WUNJO!


The goddess Thurd (whom I have never come across till now, pronounced "throoth"), gently and lovely touches foreheads with Polar Bear, her spirit guide. You can feel their connection and deep affection for each other. Daughter of Thor, she was betrothed to a Dwarf, a match she was not pleased with. Thor reconsidered and tricked the Dwarf into the sunlight, keeping him up all night, where he turned to stone. This experienced turned her away from men and she faded into the woodlands with trees, fairies and animals, finding her true joy there.

The Rune Wunjo, represents Joy and Happiness, Count your blessings as your follow your chosen life path.

My Personal Thoughts! Wunjo, to me is my flag... flying high on the winds, shouting "I am here", living my Bliss. It's also about Shamanic Journeying... the bliss of connecting to these realms and the bliss in what you find there.

Takk Fyrir! (Thank you)

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