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Rune Uruz and The High Priestess Tarot Card Partnership

The High Priestess and Uruz Rune...

Meaning: A seiðkona or vǫlva, female Shaman, stands within the wood, between two birch trees and two cauldrons... one burning with fire, the other cold with wood turned to ash. She wears an antler rack, with sacred paint upon her face and holds a stang with a skull attached.

A spirit of a great Auroch watches behind her, her fylgja, spirit animal and guide... giving strength to her magick and shaman skills. The spirit also represents, Audhumbla, a primeval cow who feed the first being, a primordial frost jötunn giant, Ymir with her milk,

Trust your intuition, the universe, lunar magics... your skills!

The Rune for this card in Uruz.. Origins, strength and enduring courage.

My Personal Thoughts! Uruz is the rune of the Great Plains and endless expansion... calm, confidence.

Takk Fyrir!

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