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Rune Tiewaz and The Justice Tarot Card Partnership

Justice and Tiewaz Rune...

Meaning: Tyr, (he sure looks like Ragnar!) the Aesir God of War, Law & Justice, ever ready for battle... He will do what is needed to protect his people, so when threatened by the Fenrir Wolf, son of Loki, who has grown so large and dangerous to his people. He tricks the wolf to be bound by magic chains made by the dwarves by putting his hand in his mouth as hostage while they "try on" the chains. The chains hold the wolf, but Tyr sacrifices his hand to the wolf to accomplish his task.

The Rune Teiwaz, is the spiritual warrior, true to your beliefs, self-sacrifice, live by your morals, Masculine energy and Victory.

My Personal Thoughts! Teiwaz, to me is the rune of the survivor, the clock striking midnight... your ordeal completed.

Takk Fyrir!

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