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Rune Thurisaz and Tarot Card The Emperor Partnership

The Emperor and Thurisaz Rune...

This choice is curious to me.... I would have thought Odin would be selected for this card.... Hmmmm....

Meaning: Thor sits upon his throne built upon skulls and bones. Lightning flashes behind him, emphasizing the smoldering look of strength in his eyes. His body is adored in Nordic tattoos, his hammer, Mjolnir at the ready by his side. Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, his two goats that pull his chariot, await his next move. When in need of food, he sacrifices them.... but they are reincarnated the next day as long as no bones are broken.

The Rune for this card is Thurisaz... protection, gateway through the thorns, awareness to respond quickly, the Giants of Jotunheim.

My Personal Thoughts! Thurisaz to me is the rune of the pyramid, turn it on its side and feel the great power and mystery within this huge structure, just like the power of the giants. What is your inner source of self-protection and awareness... what fence of thorns is keeping you safe or contained?

Takk Fyrir!

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