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Rune Sowilo and Tarot Card The Sun Partnership

The Sun & Sowilo Rune...


The Sun goddess, Sól, rides her chariot across the sky, ablaze in fiery energy flowing from her hair and hands. Her two white steeds, full of her inner energy... full of the happiness and bliss that shines from her beautiful face. A rainbow glows behind her, sharing her shining as she passes, even though the wolf, Sköll, "Treachery" or Mockery", endlessly chases her, jaws open, ready to bite and snuff her light out.

The Rune Sowilo, is the Rune of Happiness, Clear Vision, your Compass.

My Personal Thoughts! Sowilo, to me means the strike of inspiration, a lightning bolt and dancing within the flames with the salamanders.

Takk Fyrir!

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