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Rune Raidho and Tarot Card The Hierophant Partnership

The Hierophant and Raidho Rune...

Meaning: The god Forseti, son of Balder who is the son of Odin, sits on his throne in Glitnir, his hall of gold and silver, deep in meditation... he is a lawspeaker, one who is the judge of disputes, and brings understanding and teaching by the cultural knowledge used for the decision. A dog sits at his side with a sword in his mouth, ready to enforce the final decision. Dog looks very much like Anubus!

The Rune for this card is Raidho, Journey, Travels, bringing order from chaos.

My Personal Thoughts! Raidho, to me means weaving... ritual... connecting all the threads, ideas, knowledge together into a tapestry of deep understanding.

Takk Fyrir!

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