Rune Perdthro and The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Partnership

Wheel of Fortune and Perdthro Rune...

Meaning: The Norns, three witches, weave Fate, spinning the threads of Wyrd (Destiny), beneath the middle root of Yggdrasil, the World Tree at Urdarbrunnr Well. The Web of Wyrd Sigil glows on the wheel of the year... All runes are contained within this sigil... those we know... those to be discovered. Skuld in red, weaves the future.... Verdandi, in white, weaves the present and Urd, the oldest in black, speaks of the past. Every morning Urd, the past, collects the dew of yesterday's memories before the sun evaporates them. Verdandi, the present. presides over the flowers while Skuld, the future, assists the flowers to reach out into the future. The name Skuld implies debt... as if the future owes something to the work of the past!

The Rune Perdthro, mean Mysteries, take a chance for you fortune, weave your tapestry of life wisely.

My Personal Thoughts! Perdthro, is the Rune of the Cauldron, mixing your life's alchemy... and a Hug from Spirit... confirmation you are you through whispers and synchronicities!

Takk Fyrir!

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