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Rune Nauthiz and The Devil Tarot Card Partnership

The Devil & Nauthiz Rune...

Loki was afoot as I wrote this... I had it half done and it crashed, I lost all... what can I say!


Ah! Loki the trickster god of chaos and mischief! Always causing trouble and intrigue, to both the gods and humans using his shapeshifting skills. The noun “loki” means “knot” or “tangle”, very much the havoc he likes to cause. He uses his mischievous nature to both deter and assist the other gods. He is the father of three monstrous offspring... Hela, goddess of the Underworld, Fenrir Wolf and the Serpent Jormungand! He watches a warrior in distress, alone on a battlefield, trying to start a need fire. Cold intent glows in Loki's eyes... warning us not to warn the warrior of the plans he has for him. Will we fall under his power of persuasion and temptation...?

The Rune Nauthiz, means understanding your deep needs, your inner needfire... dealing with restraint and disappointment.

My Personal Thoughts! Nauthiz, to me, is the rune of sadness. Like a scarecrow... something deep, hidden within and behind the facade.

Takk Fyrir!

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