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Rune Mannaz and Tarot Card Magician Partnership

The Magician and Mannaz Rune... Meaning: Heimdall is the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, BiFrost, connecting Midgard, our realm... to Asgard, the realm of the Aesir gods, Odin and Valhalla. He sounds his giant horn, Giallarhorn, to warn Asgard when enemies threaten. He is one of the most ancient gods, a god of silence, a watcher, and confident in his powers and self-worth. He is the patron of the 2nd Aett of Runes, the 8 runes of the challenge between the physical and spiritual... the BiFrost bridge link. He points to the Mannaz Rune in red and the Rooster that warns of Ragnarok, sits upon his shoulder.

The Rune for this card in Mannaz.. the rune of Knowing thy Self, your Higher Self and Mankind.

My Personal Thoughts! Mannnaz is the rune of the Poppet... each of us on this earthly plain... playing a role of discovering for our Higher Self. Embracing our sovereignty, our authority over our personal realm. Takk Fyrir!

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