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Rune Kenaz and Tarot Card The Chariot Partnership

The Chariot and Kenaz Rune...

Meaning: The Vanir goddess of nature, Freyja, rides her chariot, her ghostly cap flowing in the wind, a beacon of her leading those fallen in battle to follow her to her Hall, Folkvangr. She represents love, beauty, fertility, war, and Seidr (magic). She holds deep affection for the land, seas and all its creatures. Her two cats were gifts from Thor, balance, travel your path, seize the moment.

The Rune for this card is Kenaz, the rune of the lighthouse beacon... shining in the darkness... showing you the way. Kenaz is also the rune of creativity and great skills such as smith work... creating magical items through alchemy.

My Personal Thoughts! Kenaz, to me is the rune of great energy...a rune of shadows just outside the beacon... the mist and what lies within it... the misty place within us where ideas swirl, manifest and become reality.

Takk Fyrir!

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