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Rune Jera and Tarot Card "The Fool" Partnership

Interested in the Runes? I just got a new Tarot deck... one paired up with the Runes! I hadn't found this connection before! I am excited to tap into the energy and see what is to be discovered. I decided to spend a day with each card... feel into all the wisdom.... guidance within the image... within the meanings of the card creators.... the meanings of the runes.... and what is shared with me personally! I thought you may like to join me too.

So.... I will post each card of the Major Arcana.... give the meanings and you can tap into your personal gnosis! Sounds like fun to me!

Deck is: Runic Tarot by Jack Sephiroth & Allen Dempster

Meaning: Fryer, Vanir God of Nature, twin sister of Freyja, looks into the winds of the east, feeling the sun warm on his face., deep in calm contemplation of where he is going. His sword is used to hold his treasured belongings, his spirit companion, Gullinborsti, the golden bristled boar is by his side. Freedom, possibilities, faith in your path. The Rune for this card in Jera... the rune of the Harvest Cycle... joy within the natural things.

My Personal Thoughts! Jera is the rune of dreaming to me.... look at his face, it is all there! Follow your dreams..... what may they be? Takk Fyrir!

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