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Rune Inguz and Tarot Card Judgement Partnership

Judgement & Inguz Rune...


The battle is over... a longboat burns on the shore in the distance... slain warriors lay upon the ground... defeated in this battle. The Valkyries, "Choosers of the Fallen/Slain", female spirits from Odin, who bring the chosen warriors to Odin's Hall, Valhalla. One beautiful Valkyrie stands majestically in the foreground... others working in the distance. She holds her hand above the warrior releasing his spirit from its mortal casing. He rises and awaits their journey, honored to be one of the chosen.

The Rune Inguz, has two faces... first, the shape of two connected "X's"... one life complete... a new to embrace. The second, the shape of a diamond... deep connection to the Moon, understanding.

I like to use both shapes in my set of runes!

My Personal Thoughts! Inguz, to me is the rune of Reincarnation and Past Lives... each "X" taking you back down, or up your ladder of time. It's also the rune of ghosts and earthly entities.

Takk Fyrir!

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