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Rune Fehu and The Tower Tarot Card Partnership

The Tower & Fehu Rune...

Ooooo, a Dragon! I love dragons. When you work with each Rune, they each connect with a crystal and within each crystal lives a dragon... fun, fun, fun!


The Dragon, Fafnir, a Dwarf who was skilled in shapeshifting, remained a dragon after a long tale of greed and gold and hoarding, (Tolkien based his dragon on him). Awakened from his slumber by two intruders, man and woman, he spits a destructive stream of fire, releasing his anger on anyone or anything within his reach. Nothing can stop him, shaking the world, tearing down that which no longer serves. A sigil, Galdrastafir, glows on his forehead, the "helm of terror" a warning for those who see it of the destruction to follow. It was used by the Viking warriors on their helmets when going into battle.

The Rune Fehu, is the rune of the Life Force... Wealth & Value, Self-Worth and the sharing of your Wealth.... also, Necromancy.

My Personal Thoughts! Fehu, to me, is the rune of the key, what you need to unlock the door to what...?

Takk Fyrir!

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