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Rune Eihwaz and The Hanged Man Tarot Card Partnership

The Hanged Man and Eihwaz Rune...

Meaning: Ullr, son of Earth Goddess, Sif, stepson of Thor, an excellent archer, hunter, skater, skier... a handsome warrior.... someone you want on your side in a duel. His home is called Ýdalir, “Yew Dales". Yew the traditional wood of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Yew wood was highly used for bows. He performs an amazing feat on the snowy mountains, war paint upon his face, an intense stare of intent and focus in his eyes... suspended in the air, the sun blazing beneath his head.

The Rune Eihwaz, is the Rune of the World Tree, release your fears, move slowing ahead for victory and enlightenment.

My Personal Thoughts! Eihwaz, to me is the Yew container used to keep the embers alive, keeper of the fire, Dragons and #13.

Takk Fyrir!

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