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Rune Berkano and The Empress Tarot Card Partnership

The Empress and Berkano Rune...

Meaning: The Aesir goddess Frigg, wife of Odin, weaves the threads of life and nature upon her spinning wheel, a distaff behind her, full of wool, ready to be changed into something new and wonderful. She holds her baby, something new and wonderful that she "wove" within her womb. A raven sits, watching the child plays with her magical beads, a closed chest of treasures at her feet to be unlocked. Her shield and sword rests at her side, the other side of a nurturer... soft and strong.

The Rune for this card in Berkano.. Birth, creativity, happiness, fulfillment.

My Personal Thoughts! Berkano is the rune of Boundaries, setting and breaking them, Feminine Energy and a great rune to connect to your Land Spirits through!

Takk Fyrir!

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