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Four of Wands and Rune

Rune Berkano

Two lovers embrace within the sun rays of a magical grove. Four wands surround them... creating a sacred space of celebration, foundation, and support of their romance and partnership. On the wand behind the man hangs a carving of Odin, Aesir God… behind the woman a carving of Freyja, Vanir Goddess… sharing who these lovers are.

Great desire is upon the Odin’s face… love for Freyja… but also his endless search for greater knowledge. He wants and needs what she has… her beauty… and her great skills as a Völva of Seidr… Norse Magic & Shamanism. Their union… creating endless love between them… and a great sharing of the depths of their knowledge.

The Rune Berkano glows between them. The rune of birth and creation, feminine energy and power… breaking boundaries for what is desired. Seidr was not the path of a male… and together they fill their halls with the fallen warriors… two strong equal partners.

Takk Fyrir!

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