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Five of Wands and Rune

Rune Isa

My first impression looking at this card is deep concern for the persecuted witch, wisewoman, healer… How quickly the “mob” turns on one of their own when they are not considered “in”... even though they may have worked, lived with and gone to this person for assistance in the past.

A woman, disheveled and dirty from mistreatment, is tied to a post… four assailants circle her, blazing torches of fire ready for the final cruelty. She screams at them… frustration and fierce determination on her face for the injustice about to be commented to her. The hammer of Thor hangs from her neck, giving her inner strength to endure.

A crowd of villages, watch beyond… none willing to get involved or assist her.

The Rune Isa glows above her face… the rune of the hermit… the outsider… one who lives on the outer edges of society. You are ultimately alone in what you do within this world. Isa is also the Rune of memories… experiences you have seen and experiences you have lived being held deep within your being… influencing how you ultimately respond.

Takk Fyrir!

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