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Ace of Wand Tarot Card and Runes

Kenaz, Fehu, Thurisaz and Uruz Runes

A staff is planted in a field… before the staff the ground is charred and burned, what has been completed… behind the staff a fire blazes strongly, what is being created. The staff stands on the edge of this time of transition. Spiritual trinkets hang from the staff… 3 on the left… 5 on the right… the staff in the middle… number 4, a possible movement from the 3… Body, Mind, Spirit… to the 4… Body, Mind, Spirit Emotions? What is the 5…. the future? The first trinket, 4 bones is the shape of the Ogham, Aspen Tree, Eadha, speaks of whispers thru the leaves, messages and journey work. Another call to the “4” …. to listen for what is to be created. An arrow and two leaves hang on the left… the male side… a tree root, Torc ring, Thor’s Hammer, two stones and a feather, hang on the female right side. Items to spark that creativity.

Four runes have been “Gladred” (chant, spell, incantation) on the staff and glow as the fire does. The top rune is Kenaz but in its Northumbrian version (Runes of the Giants) not the older Elder Futhark. This is the rune of the smith, fiery creation, a Torch illuminating the way to go… Fehu is next, the first rune, life energy force, Thurisaz is next, Thor’s rune, lightning bolt of inspiration and last is Uruz, rune of strength, power and stamina needed for the task ahead. These are all Runes of the Earth, Vanir Goddess Freyja, powerful forces of nature and growth. There is also an energy flow with these runes… Kenaz… Your creativity to Fehu… Self-Worth, to Thurisaz… the gateway… Uruz… Challenge.

Takk Fyrir!

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