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Winter Solstice Reading

December 21st was the longest darkest night of the year…. one final deep breath before the upwards path once again to the light and warmth of the Sun. I find it a comforting, cozy and a wonderful Hermit-like energy at this time. But I know others, find it sad and heavy, as my own Mother did. Hopefully, you can embrace the mystery and magic of this day... and also the beautiful Full Moon, called the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon and a meteor shower!

Here is a Winter Solstice reading I asked the universe and spirit to share, just for us....

Let’s begin with the star of Celtic Tree Ogham in the middle. These dear staves are made out of Cornish Holly…. Very appropriate for the season! The top Ogham, representing Spirit, is the Ash Tree, the most spiritual tree, the World Tree, it represents bringing people together for support and celebration at this holiday season. It is the weaver of your own fate… don’t be alone, fine your tribe.

Then clockwise, Water energy is the Winter Tree, Blackthorn! Transform old wounds by dealing with the dark side of this day.

Fire is the Ivy, “Holly & the Ivy”, resilient, adaptable and enduring, very nice qualities to embrace as you follow your passion.

Earth is the Holly Tree, so magical… the Holly Tree and Holly staves, I love those synchronicities! Hold to your direction in the year to come, but don’t be so “prickly” that others can’t relate to you. Calm emotions, calm acceptance and sold grounding.

And Air is represented by the Elder Tree, wisdom and knowledge, learned in this life and past lives. Use what you know and share with others. Lovely thoughts from the Ogham to consider.

The center Rune, Perdthro, is the rune of luck and fate. Time is right to take the chances you need to achieve what you wish! This is a good night to connect to the universe and ask for something special to be shared with you, a secret just for you! Good Luck.

The Spirit Animals who came forward are the Raccoon and the Octopus! The Raccoon from the shadows says to embrace your talents. If you are uncomfortable in the spotlight right now, use a stage name until you feel comfortable. There is a new idea forming in the darkness of this day, open your eyes and heart to feel it. The Octopus, is about reaching, yearning, lacking direction. To get this into balance, you need some space and time to yourself. Together these lovely friends can help you find your direction….

The Green Man, part of Earth’s Magic, represents Synergy. This connection is flowing in your life now. What elements are combining for you? One leading and flowing into the next. Something new is wanting your attention, and with cooperation of others combined together to form something greater!

Nature from the Guiding Angels, invites you to connect more to Nature at this time. Spend more time, a little every day in nature, will help center you and experience a calm peaceful connection to the earth and spirit… a lovely synergy to grow you spiritually. It doesn’t have to be outside, it could be with plants and herbs growing in your home.

The regal white cat High Priestess Tarot card says it is time for you to embrace the High Priestess in you! Time for confidence and loving your personal special way of connecting to spirit! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy all you do! Continue to seek the knowledge and information that truly rings true for you.

The Queen has some advice for your growth edge at this time. Find your balance between the light and shadow of your power over others and yourself as a nurturer and authority figure.

The Tree Tarot, The World card congratulations you for what you have accomplished so far! Be proud of what you know and discovered. Then the Ace of Wands came out! Time to keep going on the next phase of your life’s journey! Fantastic! I love this encouragement and the excitement., and boost of energy from the universe… a lovely pat on the back!

And lastly, two Lenormand Christmas cards wanted to share one more nugget for you… The North Pole… which way will you go?… so many choices and direction to head! And the Cross, remember to always keep your faith and hope. Trust in your higher self and embrace the magic.

Do the necessary work to discover what the darkness of this longest night will share to help you on your path… but be comforted the bright light of the Sun will return!

If you would like me to pull one more special card for you, please email me back and tell me which type of card you are drawn to. I will email you back your special personal message!

All my best to you and thank you so much for your interest in my website! Happy Holidays!

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