Thanksgiving Holiday Reading

Happy Thanksgiving to you…. and a Happy start of the Holiday Season! Here is a little reading I just pulled for all of you, my dear subscribers, to get us started at this festive time of year....

My first look at the elements is so very beautiful! A "star" fish of gold.... the Sun Rune, Sigel.... the tree branches of the Ogham.... the golden holiday colors of the Tarot card... 3 scrolls for the 3 wisemen surrounded by the royal color purple and a lovely crystal, of Banded Amethyst mirroring the purple surrounding the tarot card!

Sigel, the rune of the Sun, is about embracing your happiness, wholeness within yourself. Understand what makes you happy and if you follow that ray of light, you will shine on others! Celebrate the way and how you want this year... for you!

The Starfish is of the sea and water, emotions, a shining spark of light in the depths of the ocean. But they can be superficial, relying on how they look, not the depths of their true feelings and love. Are you decorating and shopping and cooking just to please others? What gift instead of many useless gifts can you give, that is deep and truly thought out and meaningful.... and comes from deep in your heart? Are you putting on a show for the wrong people? Find and spend time with true, positive friends.

The Celtic Tree Ogham, Blackthorn (Straif) councils of using the trials and unexpected changes we must accept and face.... as a challenge. Use these opportunities to allow yourself to grow. Blackthorn is a beautiful tree, with white blossoms like snow and is called the "Winter Tree" as it is the first to blossom in the spring. It helps transform old wounds which we all feel at this Holiday time. It has large sharp thorns. What will you concentrate on.... the hurtful thorns or the beauty of the blossoms? They are all part of the whole, but you can choose which way to go.

Crystal, Banded Amethyst is the color of your Crown Chakra. The Energy of the season is so strong and a beautiful time to connect in a new way with spirit. It is excellent for working with the third eye and enhances your ability to perceive and interpret the aura! Think of the glow of the fairy lights on your Christmas tree... squint your eyes just a little and you will see the magical "aura" of each light! It is also a wonderful companion when working in the healing arts, opening deep channels to unconditional love and spiritual wisdom.... a very "thoughtful" gift!

The Tarot card, Three of Scrolls (Swords) at first looks to suggest sadness and rejection at this time, which is very common in us all … as we miss the magic of our childhood and those we love who have passed or those we love who we are estranged from. But, the wily fox, sheds his tear of amethyst but feels the release and freedom of letting the emotions flow.... given to the universe.... and now that emptied space in his heart is open to something new.... and something better. The fox is a wise teacher, very protective of his family, be they relatives or friends or a spirit guide.

Three is the spiritual number of growth and celebration!... Share this time with those who care for you as much as you do them.

I hope you enjoyed this reading... Best Always to you on your path.

If you would like a personal reading, just let me know! Les

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