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Happy Halloween - Cobweb Broom Circle!

What a fun morning we had making these beautiful Cobweb Brooms for Halloween!

We each connected to a special staff, of birch, cherry or pine and wrapped and weaved the beautiful broom corn. Then we inscribed our broom with special energy using the Elder Futhark Runes, Celtic Tree Ogham and special symbols like the Moon, Awen, Triple Spiral and more.

We enjoyed the music of the Runes and good company together as we created together.

And once our brooms were completed, we cleared them over a runic candle and took them for a lovely maiden visualization journey!

Thanks ladies, for a fabulous circle class!

Watch for a new offering coming soon... Virtual Spiritual Art Classes.

I will send you the supplies and together through a video, I can help you create your own broom!

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