Connecting to Spirit - Need a little extra Proof?

When you are beginning to connect to your spirit guides, or a new one appears, there is nothing wrong with asking for a little confirmation of this special relationship. Sometimes that doubt creeps in and you feel uncertain and a little wobbly, and need something a little more concrete.

What I like to do, is ask my guide to give me a specific message to confirm our connection. They are very agreeable to do this for us as they do want to give us the help and friendship we are looking for.

So, what I do is ask them to give me a sign... within a certain amount of time....

Just recently, I have been working with a new spirit guide, and didn’t feel totally comfortable. So I asked him to let me see a white spider within the next week. Of course, you then need to be very aware and consciously be open to seeing this sign so you don't miss it.

And every time I ask this of them…. Sure enough.... there is the sign I so needed!

So for the White Spider. I received two confirmations… !

My husband was reading a new book and on the cover the name was “The Spider….”! This was written in black letter on a “white” background, not exactly a white spider, but it felt right.

And the next day, I was watching a favorite YouTube Tarot reader and the spirit animal for me for this month was….. the spider! A light colored spider. I totally jumped for joy when I saw it!

This has totally built a closer bond between me and my spirit guide.... and when you get that confirmation message, in whatever unique way they devise…. it will make your heart swell!

Give it a try!

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