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Confirmation! 11:11

I had a lovely experience with 11:11 the other day. I was looking through YouTube and noticed a video explaining what the significance of 11:11 is, so I took a look... In a nutshell, this is a “thumbs up” confirmation from the universe that you are connecting with spirit and evolving well on this spiritual life path you have planned! That is such a really special thing to hear! It is so nice to get a confirmation once in a while.... that you are accomplishing and learning what you need. We are all interconnected and linked together and to spirit, but sometimes we have doubts and uncertainty and these special "ah-ha” moments really feel so very nice and very true.

So, the next day as I was going to make my lunch, there on my microwave was 11:11! Really cool! They said that you should notice what you were thinking, doing or saying at the moment you saw this message. It could be something very special to be aware of, a “light bulb” idea or concept, something you could work on or understood or do.

It also represents the two sides of everything… ying/yang, light/shadow, positive/negative, spirit/physical. They are both part of the whole, the oneness, you can’t have one without the other.

I recall I was thinking of the past… thinking of some sad memories and people that are gone and I will never be able to see again. I had to do a little meditating… but I figured it out… being sad sometimes for what is no longer is natural, especially as you get older and older, and loose more and more. Embrace the feelings but then turn them into being grateful to have experienced it. But live fully right now... in this moment... 100%! There are so many new memories to enjoy.

And yet again, two days later when I was doing a reading for Client, her last question to me was, “What does 11:11 mean!” Wow! I was totally prepared to share what I had just learned.

Watch for 11:11, it’ll be there for you too....

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