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Spiritual Reading

Receive Caring Guidance and  Advice

from your Spirit Guides and Mine

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"This is one of my favorite Things!"

Experience a wonderful earth-based reading....

connecting with Spirit....
through the ancient tools

of the Celtic Tree Ogham and Viking  Elder Futhark Runes.

The Ogham offers the gentle deep wisdom of the trees.... 

The Runes, a solid strong knowledge of the stone... 

along with

Oracles of Mother Earth,

Animal Spirit Guides,

Chakras, Crystals, Elements and Directions,





These intuitive energies of old share
unique guidance that your spirit guides

and the universe are happy and honored
to offer you at this moment on your life’s journey.

Each reading will give
you comforting clarity to help you on your path...

help with questions and decisions...
and a sharing of their magic with you!

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What kind of Reading do you need at this moment on your Life Path Journey?


Universe Reading:

What advice does the Universe have for you at this time? 

This is a lovely reading that allows the universe to offer guidance & advice

on what is going on in your life at this moment

It will bring helpful clarity and comfort. 


Life Path Reading:

Where are you on your Life Path?  

    This heartfelt reading will give you guidance

on what you came here in this life to learn and experience...

with gentle advice on where you are at this moment...

and motivation and excitement for the next adventure ahead!

Relationship Reading: 

Advice for dealing with Loved Ones.

    Receive considerate options for dealing with one or more important people in your life.  

This reading will offer a comparison guidance...

their perspective and your perspective... and how they relate to each other.       

    Please advise who you have a questions about...

no names, just general... husband, son, etc.


One Question Reading:  

Let's go deep and receive advice on one important question.

    We will focus all our spiritual connections

for some helpful guidance that you so kindly deserve.  

    Please advise what your question is.   

Decision Reading:  

Get some simple clarity on an important choice you need to make.

     Guidance to look at different angles and views

for a detailed comparison of the options available... 

     help to make a big choice in your life.  

     Please advise what the choices are that you would like a comparison of.


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 One Half Hour Reading:    $35


One Hour Reading:            $65 


How to order a reading:

To order a reading:

  *  Make payment

  *  Go to the Contact Us page and include the following info:

          *  Your name and email address

          *  The type of reading you want

          *  Any special info needed for the reading as listed above

          *  What format you want the reading in:

              *  A personal YouTube video or

                 *  A Zoom meeting

                 *  In person reading if you live in the Milwaukee, WI area


        We will set up an appointment time as soon as possible upon your order!  

Thank you so much!



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Life Path Reading

Testimonials.... Thank you so much! 

Belinda  (2018)

   "I truly encourage you to try Lesley's Tree Ogham, Viking Runes, and Tarot spiritual reading.  She is truly gifted and passionate in her craft.  I loved sharing this time with her, smelling the incense, hearing the Celtic music playing in the background, viewing the beautiful spread of Ogham, runes, and cards that I selected.  I felt as if I was in another time and place.  It was just magical.


   Les, through her divination tools, offered confirmation and inspiration for themes I was experiencing on my journey, and support for getting through challenges.  These all enhanced the mind, body, soul connection.  The tree ogham's tell a story based on the type of tree drawn, for example, an Aspen, characters on the runes such as Berkana, and the beautiful cards such as Quest, and the Bear, Animal spirit, that appeared in my reading.  Les' reading was very compassionate, intuitive, and just what I needed at this stage, with confirmation from spirit that I'm where I should be on my path.


    Enjoy, and ask Les to tell you the history of the Ogham's and Viking/Norse Runes!"

Carol  (2018)

    "Thank you so much for sending this to me...  how awesome!  I very much enjoyed the reading and have given it much thought since Sunday.  I have to say, it's one of the best readings I've ever had and I really appreciate your gift!  I have already recommended a reading with you to my daughter and I'm sure I'll schedule another in the future."

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