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Monthly Gatherings!


Tuesday’s Tea-Time Together Circle

“Let’s start our week, while sipping Tea,

warm Togetherness, good company,
New friends to meet, old friends divine,

we’ll share our Thoughts, each spiritual time.

  Together we, shall laugh and know,

wiggle our Toes, in the earth’s loving glow,
Come join the fun, with calming care,

and see what Tuesday, is happy to share!”

  $10 Love Donation appreciated & a $5 Supply Fee per class
A calm relaxing time to explore new spiritual topics, learn, create, grow together!

Our time together will include:  Reading our tea leaves, Draw a tarot card for discussion on the energy of the month, Group healing, Spiritual movement, Music and Laughter!   Plus, much more!



May 19: Time with your Pendulum… deepen your connection, fun games,

               ways to question.   Make a special pendulum from Mother Earth!

June 23: Time with your Candle & Incense…  experience Candle gazing,

               Smoke gazing and Owl Vision.   Make a special candle!

July 21:  Time with a Tree… we will have a guest… we will connect to a

               beautiful elder Maple Tree at Infinity who may share a gift with us!

August 18:  Time with the Sun… we will embrace the warmth of the Sun,

                    our Sun Sign, and how it influences and affects us on our life path.  

                    We will make a sun web.

A Sharing Circle –

9:30-12:30am SundayMornings
Here is a circle to share the spiritual gifts you are learning and developing!  

It’s a warm, safe place that we can “practice and grow” these new skills or deepen old ones. 


Share Reiki, Tarot Readings, Mediumship, Runes, Ogham, Shamanic Healing, Tea Leaves… whatever your connection to Spirit and Healing is!  

Each person will be paired with another, to share their gift and receive in return!

You can also attend if you want to experience something new and amazing without sharing ...


😊    $15 Love Donation appreciated for those not sharing


June 14, 2020

July 12, 2020

August 12, 2020

Contact Les to sign up

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Reiki Treatment
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