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Elder Futhark Runes Workshops

Come sail the seas of your Inner World through the ancient divination tool of the 

  Norse Vikings...   


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Please join me on this Spiritual Adventure to learn about the ancient wisdoms of the Viking Elder Futhark Runes 

These 24 symbols of stone, will guide you to a deeper understanding and connection to your inner self on the three levels of

       Body, Mind and Spirit          

You will do this through Visualization Journey’s, Divination, Chanting,

RuneStance, Song, Craftwork, 

and other beautiful activities!

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Currents of the Runes... Sunday Mornings May 15, 2022!

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#1:  The Surface...

     Connecting with the Stones

Zoom gatherings will be at 10:30am CST for 1 1/2 hours.   Sunday mornings.

First class will be 2 hours to get us going!   We meet for 25 weeks... work and play with one Rune each gathering. 

Materials and Info on each Rune should be read before each class.

Cost: $240 - Pay thru pay pal or a check

Any questions or to sign up.... let me know!


Work with the Runes

as they connect to the

physical world and

   what it is to be human.   


Work with the Runes

in the realm

of our thoughts

and challenges of life.


Work with the Runes

as you dive deep

to connect to your

Higher Self and Spirit.

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What you will learn and experience in this Workshop!

Basic Info

What traveling crystals to use, Make your own Sigil Stone of 3 Runes for your journey, Runic Candle, Learn about the re-discovery of the Runes by Odin, Basic history, Norse Mythology, Runic Alphabet, Meaning and Associations of each Rune, Make your own personal set of Runes with bag and casting cloth, Cairn Standing Stones and connect to a Spirit Animal who wants to befriend and help you on your adventure!


Divine  Centre

This is the place you begin your visualization journeys from, a special place just for you!



Make your Journey Map, experience Rune Stance and Galdr chanting and journey with each Rune!



Learn about Freyja's, Heimdall's and Tir's Runes and begin a connection to these Norse Gods.

Basic Divination

Learn what Brightstave / Merkstave is, How to clear your Runes and build a special connection to them, How to use them for Divination, Special Rune Reading techniques and spreads and much more!


What you will receive!


  • PDF Workbook - pictures speak a thousand words... six Parts of lovely wisdom to guide you on your learning:

    • Part 1 - Beginnings and Divine Center​

    • Part 2 - Togetherness

    • Part 3 - Divination

    • Part 4 - You and your Center

    • Part 5 - Companions

    • Part 6 - Deep Dive

  • Video Introduction and Info Sheet for each Rune

  • Recordings of Guided Visualization Journey's for each Rune

  • Recording of special Journey to meet the Spirit of the Rune

  • Recording of special Journey to meet the Rune in Darkness

  • Chantsong for each Rune

  • Creative Video of my personal connection to each Rune - this is my work for 2021... you will have access as each video is created!

  • My song of each Rune - holds lots of knowledge - see website

  • Email access to me for questions and letting me know how you are getting along on your journey


My Video Introduction!



Watch Now

#2:  The Deep Dive Workshop...

     Connecting with one Rune

Cost: $250  Coming 2022

Fehu Stone.png

What you will learn and experience

in this Workshop!

Dive Deep with one Rune

Connect to each Rune by spending personal time experiencing the many associations it 

has such as color, numerology, Tarot, Crystal, Tree, Directions and Elements and more.  Meet the Norse God that is connected to the rune and also it's Spirit Animal Guide.  Carve a set of Runes in wood and experience the Web of Wyrd.


Energy and Reiki

Feel the energy of the Runes through Sound, Dance and your Chakra System.


Nine Worlds of the Norse World Tree

Learn about the Nine Worlds and the Beings that live there and journey to experience

their relationship with the Rune and you!  Learn to read the Runes the Ancient Way and

follow the flow of the Runes through the story of life.


Past Lives, Shadow Work, The Moon

Learn about the Runes connections to these mysteries and how they relate to you through

magical visualization journeys.

Wolf Fylgir.jpg

#3:  The Nine Worlds  Craft Workshop...

     Create your Casting Cloth for the Ancient Way

Cost: $55

Nine Worlds Divination Cloth.jpg

As you learn the ancient divination

way of the Vikings,

make this beautiful casting cloth

with acrylic paints

to assist you

feel and connect deeply with the 


Nine Worlds of the World Tree,


and the

Gods, Beings of each Norse Realm.

#3:  The Jotun Runes Workshop...

     Connecting with the Rune Beings

Cost: $150 Coming 2022

Special Offer $200.00

Special Offer $60.00

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