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Join me on this new adventure to connect and build your own personal companionship with the Runes is a new way!... 

             Celebrate...  Practice...   Open...   Play...   Feel...   Create...

You do not have to have any knowledge of the Runes              to share in this journey....   You will be receiving all you need to know            and understand from the Runes for each Happening!

Concept:   Each month we will begin with the Happening....  spending an hour and a half together on Zoom with the Runes and fellow travelers...       Each month the Runes will share something fun, something deep, something special, something magical at this gathering!   A GROOVY way to start the month... setting the stage for a month of NEAT and COOL times with the Runes and their companions.... Trees, Crystals, Dragons, Tarot, Spirit Guides, and more and more!

Additionally we will celebrate another day or days of importance during each month...   Harvest Festival. Dark Moon, New Moon, Full Moon...                     This gathering will be recorded and be able to be attended in real time,          or watched at a later date!

First Happenings Gathering...

happening October 10, 2021

Sunday morning 8:00am to 9:30am CST Zoom 

Here is the theme of this gathering offered by the Runes, Tarot and Crystal!  

What this means.... we will find out!  Groovy!

Mores Dates:

If interested, please contact me for joining this group!

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Cost: $10.00 per month

Cost: $60.00 for 6 months

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