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Spiritual Art Circles

Please join me in these intuitive and enlightening art circles to connect in a new way to spirit and your higher self while sharing the process of art together!     Enlightening and Fun!

Each Spiritual Art Circle includes a Magical Visualization Journey!


Bits and Bobs, Wire  and Wood, and all

Sorts of other Things!


Celtic Knot Bracelet & Stones – In this circle we will connect to the energy of the Ancient Celtics, by twisting and knotting a lovely special bracelet out of many wires, crystal chips, and natural fibers.   This knot represents the interconnectedness of life and spirit and your bracelet will share the ancient wisdom it wants to offer you!  Students will learn the special tree of their birth date and receive a Celtic Tree Ogham reading.

Class Cost: $30.00. Materials Fee:  $25.00. Time:  2 ½ hours.


Celtic Knot Bracelet.jpg


Animal Spirit Guide Collage – In this circle, we will connect to the energies of the peoples closest to Nature through a visualization journey.   Then using paint and natural tools such as sticks and twigs we will paint on wood and add elements of the earth, such as stones, twigs, crystals and fibers.   We will express our love of nature with the guidance of a special spirit animal in this primitive and free form technique while enjoying the heart thumping song of the drum. 

Class Cost - $25.00.  Materials Fee Cost:  $25.00. Time: 2 hours.

Sprit Animal - 3.jpg
Element Mandala.jpg


Mandala - The Elements and You - In this circle, you will create your own personal Mandala that will express your connection to the Four Elements and Mother Nature, Gaia.   Using colored pencils on black paper, you will begin with a center crystal that deeply expresses you.  Then you will experience the outward flow of the elemental energy as you move from the center to a crystal of each direction. 

As you build your Mandala, a special Mantra will manifest and become clear to you.   You can use your Mantra to assist you in connecting, on the deepest level, wit your Higher Self every time you look at your Manadala.

Cost: $30.00       Supplies Fee:  $18.00     TIme: 2.5 hours

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