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Spiritual Art Circles

Please join me in these intuitive and enlightening art circles to connect in a new way to spirit and your higher self while sharing the process of art together!     Enlightening and Fun!

Each Spiritual Art Circle includes a Magical Visualization Journey!


Colors of the Chakras!

Golden Chakra
Birch Chakra Forest.jpg

Sunday May, 24, 2020  9:00am - 1:00pm


Thursday May 28, 2020  9:00am - 1:00pm

Birch Tree Chakra Painting –The Birch tree represents new beginnings as we look forward to the approach of Spring. In this circle, we will create a beautiful acrylic painting on canvas of a birch tree forest. This energizing forest, with a sky the colors of the chakras, holds a mysterious path beckoning you to enter. (includes a special crystal to guide you in!)   Add meaningful Ogham & Runes symbols carved into the trees to help guide you on your life journey.

We will take a lovely visualization journey down the chakra path of your choice!

Class Cost: $40.00            Supplies Fee:  $25.00              Time: 4 hours

Golden Chakra


Chakra Tree Painting – In this circle you will paint a beautiful, tall spiritual tree.   This tree will be the special type of tree you are drawn to…. Pine, Oak, Maple?   Then with the help of this tree through it’s Ogham Few (stick), you will feel the spin of each Chakra and paint it within the trunk and leaves of the tree.  Its beautiful energy flowing and spinning outwards in all the shades of each chakra color.   We will place a lovely little crystal in the center of each tree chakra!

Then experience and connect to the tree to see which chakra is calling to you for at this time in your life through a grounding visualization journey.

Class Cost - $35.00       Supply Cost:  $25.00          Time: 3 hours

Golden Chakra


Life Path…Chakra Moors Painting - Paint a magical Moors of chakra hills with watercolor pencils in this delicate painting.   In this circle, we will create a beautiful landscape which will delight your eyes and heart as you are drawn to fireflies and fairies, stars and the Moon and the twinkle of crystals in the hills!   We will take a visualization journey into this magical world we created and will also pull some Charka Oracle Card for some guidance and focus at this time!

Class Cost:  $30.00          Supply Cost: $30,00       Time: 2 ½ hours

Golden Chakra
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