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Celtic Tree Ogham Workshop

An Earthly... yet Spiritual Journey...

The trees are a beautiful starting point... 

a magical gateway to deepen your connection

to Nature and Mother Earth..

They can show you a new way...

a deeper way for you to connect to you...

your Higher Self!


Each Tree is also a pathway to the Otherworlds of the Celtics and a connection to Devas of each tree family... and the friendship of special individual trees.

           2021 Sacred Grove Zoom Class starting 10-3-21                                    Sunday Mornings 10:00am to 11:30am       

                                    Once each Month

                         October 2021 to September 2022

                                    Cost: $250.00

#1:  The Sacred Grove Workshop...

     Connecting with the Sacred Trees


Ogham Fews.jpg
Tree Pic.jpg

What you will learn and experience in this Workshop!

Basic Info

What traveling crystals to use, Ogham Candle, Basic history, Celtic Mythology, Ogham Alphabet, Meaning and Associations of each Ogham, Make your own personal set of Ogham sticks with bag and casting cloth, make your Memory Book, connect to a Spirit Animal who wants to befriend and help you on your adventure!


Sacred Grove

This is a place you begin your visualization journeys from, a special place just for you! You will also meet a special Spirit Guide to help and befriend you on this new path.


Ogham Fews (Sticks)

Make your Journey Map, experience the energy of each tree, Finger energy, Reiki, Magical ways to use the Ogham and craftwork.  Make a Crane Bag.


Celtic Otherworlds Mythology

Learn the five levels of the Otherworlds through each tree, the Beings, Gods/Goddesses and creatures that live there, and the Four Sacred Weapons of the Tuatha De Danann.

Basic Divination

Learn how to clear your Ogahm few and build a special connection to them.   How to use them for Divination, Special Ogham Reading techniques and spreads and much more!


How to Connect to a Live Tree

Learn to build a personal connection with the energy of live trees. 

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