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My Divine Center

Lesley-Anne Raven

Spiritual Art Teacher

Rune Worker   Way Shower   Reader Singer/Songwriter  

Reiki Master Teacher (Usui, Celtic/Norse, Shamanic Journeys)

I connects to Spirit through the ancient divination tools of the

Norse Vikings (Elder Futhark Runes) and

the Celtics (Ancient Tree Ogham). 

These primal energies offer guidance and healing as we travel our life paths. 

I am all about enjoying each moment!  

As we travel our life paths...

through good times and bad times,

there can be comfort, guidance and advice offered by Spirit to help you

keep true on your life path...

but also help  you keep the

spark of excitement, mystery, energy and


high in your heart….

embrace the NOW!! 

the present moment….


Spirit, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Ancestors, Bone Ancestors and of course your Higher Self, are all there, waiting to assist, waiting to offer guidance and waiting to share lovely loving experiences with you!

This we can do TOGETHER through many exciting modalities!

Salem, MA

My Spirit Animal 

began as an Artist 30+ years ago.   The passion was there, but the ideas were not yet formed.

When my two children were young their school did not have an art teacher.  

I volunteered my services and became the Artist-In-Residence for over 10 years, developing whole school projects, art shows, after school and summer programs.! Happy times! 

In 1999 the Runes found me, and a door was opened! 

New creative ideas were released and are still flowing strongly to this day! Blessed Be!!  

I began by using them in my art was amazed to see how they sparked magial interest from others... who bought these creations at art shows for many years.

I also partnered with my musican husband, with the energy of the Runes and Spirit,

inspiring the Awen... that creative spark ofinspiration Muse.

I found  I was able to express my special connection to the Runes and Trees by

writing and singing songs!


Then it was the right time to deepen her connection to the Runes & Ogham.

I studied with a wonderful Irish Teacher, Michael Conneely.

I learned to be a reader, combining the Runes & Ogham with Oracle Cards, Tarot & Crystals, and find my focus for staying true to ones life path journey!


My path lead back to teaching and sharing her joy.

Reiki called, and I studied with Loving Light Healing, LLC,and became a Reiki Master. 

An epiphany came when I was shown by spirit my dear Runes and Ogham

offered healing through Reiki! 

I studied Shamanic Journeying and found my Reiki sessions naturally evolved to include these added elements of guidance and healing.

What will come next?


On October 26, 2018 I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Rune Wisdom Telesummit!  Here is my presentation... it is one hour... Enjoy!!Ara9c32gBgiHii0S3m5EPBoIHcJU

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