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I am so excited to share my new Work with the Runes...  It begins on 1-13-23...

Autumn Girl

Podcast link on Podbean!   Enjoy!

Welcome to my world of mystery, spirituality, Runes and Magick… that magic with a “k”…

I am so pleased to invite you to journey through “The Empty Rooms of Gorski Manor”… or are they…

I am your host and guide, Lesley-Anne Raven, of Witherspoon, sharing Music and Songs to enhance and deepen the happenings to be shared. 

This telling… of gentle tales of ghosts and spiders, endless halls, candles in the dark, white ravens, spells and the weaving of lives through time. 

Come.. light a candle, burn some incense, sip a warm a cup of tea.  Close your eyes and follow me on this most amazing journey together!

I can share one more tidbit with you… that, these tales are all true… well.. mostly so.  

Fehu 7.jpg

Fehu Oracle Card

Follow the Currents of the Runes...

Come and sail the seas of your inner world through the ancient divination tools of the

Norse Viking Futhark Runes and the

Celtic Druids Tree Ogham...   

Begin by learning and connecting through

the Norse and Celtic Tradtions.   Build a

deep connection and companionship with

the ancient beings of wisdom and 


Then release, breathe and open to your own

Personal Gnosis!

Follow where your higher self and the Runes and Trees help you to discover the magick

and joyful enlightment through

Oracular Knowledge and loads of amazing insight!


Calm Bind Rune (2).jpg

Iam so happy to share the following new treasures with you...  A new choice of direction on my path... new sharings for you.... come and join me!

Iam so happy to offer two paths to connecting to yourself thru the Runes....

  • An updated Self Study Program to experience the Traditional meanings and knowledge of the Runes

  • A NEW special "Happenings with the Runes" Program.... taking this knowledge and letting it go..... opening to connecting to the Runes in a personal way.... find your own meanings and connections and companionship with each Rune!

Self Study Programs:

Learn the traditional meanings of the Runes & Ogham

through my lovely program.  Walk the path of discovery 

knowledge and connection 

 Elder Futhark Runes   

Celtic Tree Ogham

         See On Line Workshop Page for detailed informantion

Your path stretches out before you, experience new ways to enjoy the Journey!  

Fehu Stave (2).jpg
Sea Turtle
Journey with the
Currents of the Runes...

Elder Futhark -
Earth Runes on the Breeze...


Northumbrian -
Water Runes on the Waves

Uthark -
Mystery Runes on the Labryinth

Linda  (2020)  (First Class of Elder Futhark Runes Zoom Circles - Takk Fyrir is "thank you" in Icelandic Norse)

"Thank you Les—so great the second time around for me; your knowledge and insight is growing and I am so fortunate to be on that ‘ship’ looking forward to next month. Today was fantastic😊 And I can’t wait to meet our other journeyers!  Takk Fyrir!"

Lyn  (2017)

"If you're thinking about booking a reading with Les, please read this!  I was feeling like I needed some guidance with a new relationship, and was referred to Les by a coworker.  I was skeptical, but thought "what the heck, give it a try".  Turns out, this was the best decision I ever made!  Les gave me exactly what I needed, CLARITY!  

After my first reading, I stopped overthinking everything, and my thoughts were very focused.  I couldn't wait to book my second appointment!  I'm now a regular client, and enjoy how Les incorporates different style into our readings.  

When you meet her, you will instantly feel her spiritual awareness: you will feel comforted and reassured, but not in a phony way.  My last reading gave me some further info about a health concern, and even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear, it gave me the clarity I needed to address the situation immediately.  

My life is better because Les, and I no longer spend countless hours overthinking life and different situation."

See Readings Page for more Testimonials......

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